Sunday, May 6, 2007

so this is how it works

you feel a little worse...

sorry, I have been a little off-centre, a bit here and a bit there for a while. Anyone who has seen me in the past few weeks will be well aware of this lovely little cough I am nursing, this damn cough that I am NOT swearing at, that I have NOT been cursing for the last 24 hours. Grrrrrr! I want my normal voice back, I want to whisper sweet nothings...where's the romance in raspy itchiness?

Here's a cute violet florally tribally borderly hand-drawn bit of sweetness anyway to cheer me up.

1 comment:

Moid said...

Glad to have you back Quyen! Hope the cough has been quashed, allowing artistic sweet nothings to whisper from your fingers.