Monday, May 28, 2007

totally {un}glamorous

To the surprise of those who know me well...I have ANOTHER
evil despicable throat infection. I have barely been sick in years
and now a double wammy. Even my dad commented on my
totally un-glamourous appearance at Sunday dinner this week,
so what if I have to look a little like an old Asian granny with my
double layers of everything and hot water bottle? The CUTEST hot water bottle mind you - it is mini size and comes with a super sweet
rainbow striped cosey. So yeah, not totally uncool. *cough* Thoughts of a week in Havana are keeping me alive at the moment!! Apparently mojitos are cheaper than orange juice....sweet.

And for those waiting - new bags are on the way!

60's floral designed for Ae'lkemi A/W 2007

1 comment:

moid said...

heyhey sick one,

i am in the world of asian grannies and believe me you should take it as a compliment - they are supa cute!!

hope you feel better soon. xx