Sunday, June 24, 2007

bon voyage

Feels like all my friends are overseas...where is everyone?
"Balloon Party" is a little peek at one of my new prints for 2007
The collection is called ElephantBird and features 8 styles of bag
with 8 unique prints.

Good luck to all the old architecture crew heading off for good-times and
new adventures in Greece and beyond. Hope to see you all in a couple of years!

Friday, June 8, 2007

a million ancient bees...began to sting our knees!

A tiny peek at what I have been up to the past little while. It's not all flowers and happy days though! Today I heard Regina Spektor is coming to Australia (not Perth) and I am so prepared to fly to Sydney / Melbourne for a show but they are both DAYS before we leave for our holiday and wouldn't it be terribly selfish of me to indulge before I indulge further?

I actually cried - REAL TEARS of sadness I may miss her tour. If anyone has a spare bed in Sydney on July 11 I may need a spot to crash.