Sunday, October 21, 2007

yak yak yak

I call it CatBag, it's for carrying cats and other nifty stuff. The print was inspired from the tiny weeds and flowers growing around the fallen dead tree in my back yard. Poor little tree.
Made from a hemp/yak hair blend and lined with a pretty floral cotton.

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Moid said...

This is my favorite bag yet.... in leafy green and grey how could you go wrong? Very nice, miss Q!

Moid said...

and i forgot to say YAK!! is it really made of yak hair? makes it seem all mystical and mountainous - how very cool!

Quyen said...

yep! it's a hemp and yak hair blend. it has a beautiful texture up close, kind of fawn and grey woven together. glad you like it!

Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

What a gorgeous bag Quyen!