Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blue cheese, chives and walnuts

Mmm, the tastiest and prettiest little plant around ... I just love that lingering aroma of chive, garlic and butter on home made garlic bread, all over my fingers, all over the chopping board, just all over anything. I found a recipe for a blue cheese, chive, walnut and parsley spread that I am going to have to try today, maybe walk to the bakery and get some crusty bread, then sit down for another day of drawing. Sounds like a good plan.

And I'll take red chive bag with me I think for a walk, I'm sure a ciabatta will be comfortable in there. Chive bag comes in red (hemp/yak hair) and black (hemp/cotton), both with a zip closure and hemp/organic cotton lining.

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Nat said...

I bought that red bag from the Sinc Design store at Peregian Beach on Tuesday, it's simply beautiful!! I also purchased a little Bilby wood-cut brooch, he lives on top of the pleats!
Thank you for your beautiful creations :)