Wednesday, December 3, 2008

blue and yellow makes green

Finished marking my first year design students work today, always a little sad to see them grow up and move on to their diploma year *tear*. Seems like so long ago I was teaching them the simple things, like red and blue makes violet, blue and yellow makes green. Now they can tessellate regularly and irregularly with perfection.

It's coming up to that silly time of year again, so I whipped up for myself a very indulgent big hemp/silk bag for long summer nights when I might need my extra pair of flats in case the heels just don't cut it, hair stuff as my new short do just doesn't do itself, towel for emergency beach swim, bikini, sketch book, my massive pencil case with pens of all colours ranging from the 0.1 tip - bullet tip (you never know what mood you'll be in), hat, ipod, and newspaper (just to check up on just how bad the recession will be as I may have to sell my nice shiny bag for my next meal).