Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fancy doodles

You know, it only took a few months but we are now hooked up with wireless internet at home so I am on-line all over the show. Favourite spot is front porch lounge with a cup of hot soy milk. Also means I am trying to "multi-task" : emails, blog updates, making obstetrician appointments, scheduling yoga classes, writing design classes, patting Mr. Moko and doodling all at once. Who says pregnancy makes you forgetful? Mind you, all I really do all day is draw fancy doodles, here's a nice one on a wood box I made for my lovely husband. Anyone want a doodle? Just come over for a cuppa, apple and cinnamon scrolls heartily accepted as payment!


Moid said...

I look forward to taking you up on that once I am home in a few weeks Miss Q!
Oh and these people are in West Perth and do wonderful classes including pregnancy yoga Jean has a two year old son and has specialised in teaching pre-natal classes...

Quyen said...

Thanks Moid! I have looked them up and will be booking in. xx